Friday, February 22, 2013

LAST NEWS ABOUT #GreenHill #BoycottMarshallPetProducts


Video of Vegan, the first beagle rescued from Green Hill

A new suspicion about Green Hill, the beagle breeding farm owned by Marshall Farm. It seems that female beagles were doped in order to “produce” more puppies to sell to laboratories. This supposition comes from the fact that the female dogs (now out of Green Hill, read more about G.H. & Marshall Farm and sign my PETITON have Estrus once a month while they should have it once or twice in a year see “The Length of Time Heat Lasts” at

This information comes from animal welfare associations which are collecting reports from dogs’ owners and vets. The strange heat cycle of the dogs is also associated with a state of prostration which caused a premature ageing. Probably these new facts will be added to the other charges against G.H. owners (as unnecessary killing of dogs, and other charges of animal cruelty).

From the original article (italian):

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