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UPDATE: The decision was postponed to the 4th of March. PLEASE SEND THE E-MAIL YOU ARE STILL ON TIME!

On the 14th of January 2014 Italian Government is going pass a law that limits the use of animals in scientific research.

The BILL passed the approval of Italian Parliament on the 31th July 2013.

Now the Italian government wants to change the article 13, in particular they want to ban the breeding of cats, dogs and primates in Italy, but they won’t respect the other limitations.

PLEASE SEND AN AUTOMATED E-MAIL TO ITALIAN POLITICIANS. Ask them to pass the article 13 as it is.

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Thank you!

Thursday, August 1, 2013



Photo of Green Hill, beagle breeding facility, owned by Marshall Farm, located in Montichiari (BS) Italy

Great news from Italy: on Wednesday 31st July Italian Parliament approved a bill which provides significant restrictions to the European Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

The bill (approved by the Italian Senate on the 8th July, approved by the Chamber of Deputies on the 31st July with 438 votes in favour and 14 against) also states the need to direct scientific research to the use of alternative methods and to consider reusing animals that have already been used in an experiment only if really necessary.

Bans and restrictions are explained in the list (see below).

Please NOTICE that:
  • The work is not finished yet, the Health Minister has to write the new law on animal experimentation, some points (see the list) may be interpreted in different ways and something could slightly change.
  • Even if Green Hill must close, Marshall Farm owns other breeding facilities outside Italy (for example B&K in the UK) so the Boycott Marshall Pet campaign goes on.
  • This amendment to the EU Directive represents a very important step in the fight against animal experimentation, but it’s not over, sure enough the Directive 2010/63/EU is a shame, since it permits, for example, the reuse of animals in experiments, the use of endangered species and other questionable practices. For this reason I invite you to SIGN the European Citizens Initiative STOP VIVISECTION (European Citizens only) and if you are not an European Citizen at least help spread the word about it on social networks.

  • The use of non-human primates, dogs, cats and endangered species is banned; except for research on human or on involved species health, carried out in accordance with the principles of the Directive 2010/63/EU, upon Health Minister’s authorization, with the opinion of the Heath Council (with this rules basic research experiments on mentioned species are banned).
  • Painful experiments without anaesthesia are banned, except for the testing of analgesics or anaesthetics.
  • The generation of genetically modified animals must consider: the evaluation of the relation of risk and benefit, the real need of the manipulation, the possible impact on animals evaluating potential risks for human and animals health and for the environment.
  • The use of animals for warfare experiments is banned.
  • Xenotransplantation is banned (in that case is not clear if it concerns only the transplant of a whole organ or even the transplant of a few cells from another species).
  • The use of animals for experiments on drugs, alcohol and tobacco are banned.
  • The use of animals for experiments in education are banned, except for post-degree studies.
  • The breeding of cats, dogs and non-human primates for experimentation is banned (this paragraph states the definitive closure of Green Hill, beagle breeding facility).
Besides, the bill also states that: new, appropriate, effective and dissuasive sanctions and penalities must be defined; the need for the development of alternative methods, which don’t include animals or use less animals or cause less pain; every year a sum of national and European funds must be destined for: the research on the development and validation of non-animal methods, the organization of formation and refresh courses for workers of the authorized laboratories; take proper measures to encourage research in the field of alternative methods with the obligation for the competent authorities to communicate, through the national database, the acceptance of the alternative methods.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marshall Farm AWA violations #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

Marshall Farm AWA violations from the report "DYING to LEARN"

Please read and share the following passage of the report "DYING to LEARN" by AAVS (American Anti-Vivisection Society) regarding Marshall Farm Animal Welfare Act violations.

Read/download FULL REPORT
Join the BOYCOTT of Marshall Pet, division of Marshall Farm

Marshall Farms Group Ltd. is a USDA-licensed Class A animal dealer that breeds animals for sale, including beagles, ferrets, minipigs, and mongrels/hounds for research, testing, and teaching purposes. It also sells blood, plasma, serum, and tissue derived from animals on site and will perform medical diagnostic procedures (e.g., blood work, echocardiograms, eye exams) on animals before shipping them305.

Investigators found numerous violations, including accumulation of urine in cages, a semi-conscious and shaking newborn puppy, and a dehydrated puppy who had to be euthanized.

Sold 456,227 animals from 2005-2007, earning an undisclosed amount over $200,000.
Animalearn found that, between 2005-2007, Colorado State University, Fort Collins306, University of Cincinnati307, University of Texas Southwest Medical Center (Dallas)308, University of Washington (Seattle)309, and University of Wisconsin, Madison310purchased live mixed breed dogs for use in education from Marshall Farms. Oklahoma State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine311 also bought live beagles from Marshall Farms312.

The USDA inspection reports we obtained for 2005-2007 indicate that Marshall Farms had several violations of the AWA. In March 2005, Marshall Farms was found to have unsanitary animal cages, including over-accumulation of dog hair and urine around dogs in cages, strong smell of ammonia (caused by urine) in a building housing dogs, and excessive amounts of urine stains and fecal accumulation under rabbits’ cages313.

In February 2006, a USDA inspector found numerous AWA violations resulting from inadequate veterinary care and daily health monitoring that are cause for serious concern, including: a dead puppy kept in a refrigerator used to store drugs; and several dogs with obvious injuries and medical conditions (some of whom had blood in or around their cages), including a semi-conscious and shaking newborn puppy and a dehydrated puppy who had to be euthanized314. The inspector also found dogs kept daily in dark cages; damaged and dirty cages that posed a risk of injury to the dogs; dogs grouped with incompatible dogs (exposing them to injury); and dead and decomposing wild mice in several buildings.

In March 2006, the Inspector found that puppies were being euthanized and necropsied in a medical building in front of hospitalized puppies, potentially causing them distress315. During an inspection in September 2006, an excessive fly infestation in some buildings, including the treatment/necropsy area, was also noted316. In 2007, three young dogs were found with their bodies and their cages covered in blood after having their nails trimmed317. Three other dogs were found with their cage door left open, and loose ferrets were observed both inside and outside buildings.

Despite the inhumane treatment of animals represented by these numerous, serious AWA violations, between 2005-2007 Marshall Farms Group Ltd. sold 456,227 animals, grossing over $600,000318.

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TWEETSTORM #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Wednesday 17th July


Join the 2nd tweetstorm against Marshall Farm on Wednesday 17th July.

List of tweets and info HERE

Join & share the Facebook event

List of tweets from the previous tweetstorm HERE

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BREAKING NEWS! Ex Green Hill dogs WON'T be back to Green Hill!

BREAKING NEWS! Ex Green Hill dogs WON'T be back to Green Hill!

The law court of Brescia definitely stated that the dogs saved from Green Hill, Italian beagle breeding facility, are not going to be Marshall Farm's property anymore, the dogs can be adopted by foster families!

PS. These are good news, but it doesn't mean that Green Hill is closed (in fact GH is just temporary closed) the destiny of Green Hill depends on the trial (4 of GH workers and owners are charged with animal cruelty, the judge could decide to revoke their breeding licence) & also on Italian Senate that started a discussion about a bill that could ban the breeding of dogs, cats & primates for research purpose in Italy; more news about this issue in the next days. Every update about Green Hill will be posted HERE

Original post by LAV (Italian Anti-Vivisection League)

Thursday, June 27, 2013



English version HERE

Il 21 luglio alle 21.00 (ora italiana) avrà luogo una twitstorm contro Marshall Farm, multinazionale americana, proprietaria del famoso allevamento di beagle da sperimentazione: Green Hill (Montichiari, Brescia).

Marshall Pet è una sezione del gruppo Marshall che vende prodotti per animali, per questo ho iniziato un boicottaggio a livello internazionale dei prodotti Marshall.

Cos'è una twitstorm?

  • Una twitstorm è un evento virtuale che si svolge su Twitter, una "tempesta" di tweet caratterizzati da un argomento comune, al fine di renderlo popolare sul social network. I tweet che riguardano l'argomento da promuovere devono contenere lo stesso hashtag nel nostro caso #BoycottMarshallPetProducts che, sostanzialmente è un invito a boicottare i prodotti della ditta Marshall.
Alcuni consigli per far funzionare questo evento:
  1. Ricordate la data 5 luglio alle ore 21.00 (ora italiana)
  2. Retweet e preferiti non contribuiscono a rendere popolare la causa, quindi se vi piace un tweet è meglio copiarlo
  3. Per i tweet potete utilizzare quelli che già preparato (si veda il link che segue) oppure scriverne altri, purché contengano l'hashtag #BoycottMarshallPetProducts
  4. Se non avete un account su Twitter, potete comunque condiviere l'evento su Facebook (inoltre, da poco è possibile usare gli hashtag anche su FB, quindi si può utilizzare #BoycottMarshallPetProducts anche su Facebook)
Nel POST PRECEDENTE potete trovare alcuni tweet già pronti (in inglese), con l'hashtag compreso, solo da copiare (alcuni sono diretti proprio ai Marshall). 
Se volete creare altri tweet vi consiglio alcuni link che potreste inserire:
  • Il link della petizione (per ogni firma viene inviata un e-mail a Marshall Pet e Marshall BioResources) per il boicottaggio dei prodotti Marshall:
  • Il link della campagna di boicottaggio promossa dal Coordinamento Fermare Green Hill: 

Altre petizioni e azioni si trovano sul sito ufficiale Boycott Marshall Pet

Condividi l'evento Facebook: 

Segui la campagna di boicottaggio su Twitter e Facebook.

Grazie per la partecipazione.
Marika Taddia

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JOIN THE TWITSTORM #BoycottMarshallPetProducts 5 July 2013

Twitstorm against Marshall Farm & Marshall Pet

Versione italiana QUI

Join the twitstorm against Marshall Farm and Marshall Pet to raise awarness of the boycott of Marshall Pet products.

Use the hashtag #BoycottMarshallPetProducts, below you can find a list of tweets to use, you can make your own, remember the hashtag #BoycottMarshallPetProducts.
The twitstorms starts at 2 PM Mexico, 8 PM UK, 9 PM CET, please don't start the twitstorm before the time is right, check the time zone converter.

Note: RTs and favorite don't help trend so please, if you like a tweet, copy it.

Join and share the Facebook event HERE.


1      SIGN THE PETITION against #MarshallFarm #MarshallPet & #AnimalExperimentation #BoycottMarshallPetProducts >

2      SIGN THE PETITION! #BoycottMarshallPetProducts don’t support #AnimalCruelty sign&RT >

3      Did you know that Marshall Pet is related with animal research? #BoycottMarshallPetProducts READ MORE

4      100+ #dogs were found inside a refrigerator at #GreenHill  #BoycottMarshallPetProducts #StopGreenHill4ever READ MORE!green-hill/csjo

5      #MarshallFarm is a commercial breeder of #animals: its #dogs #ferrets #pigs are sold to labs for experimentation #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

6      Read about #GreenHill the Italian beagle breeding facilities owned by #MarshallFarm #BoycottMarshallPetProducts >!green-hill/csjo

7      The Marshalls claim to be animal lovers but they also love selling #dogs & other #animals to laboratories #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

8      JOIN THE BOYCOTT help us stop Marshall animal cruelty #BoycottMarshallPetProducts check out

9      LIKE #BoycottMarshallPetProducts on Facebook & FOLLOW @BoycottMarshall on Twitter

10     Spread the word about Marshall animal cruelty TAKE ACTION #BoycottMarshallPetProducts WHAT YOU CAN DO!get-active/c1yng

11     Do you own a FERRET & use Marshall Pet products? #BoycottMarshallPetProducts PIC OF AN EXPERIMENT ON #FERRETS

12     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts  List of 3 PETITIONS against @MarshallPet & #MarshallBioResources >!petitions/cjg9

13     Take the pledge to spread the word about the boycott #BoycottMarshallPetProducts >

14     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts On 14th October 2011 some Italian activists occupied the roof of Green Hill

15     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts CRUELTY IS OUR SIGNATURE > #MarshallBioResources pic

16     Inside #GreenHill beagle breeding facility #BoycottMarshallPetProducts PIC > #StopGreenHill4ever

17     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts a video about the use of beagles in research

18     Outside #GreenHill a truck ready to take the #dogs to the laboratory #BoycottMarshallPetProducts pic

19     A view of #GreenHill beagle breeding facility READ ABOUT GH!green-hill/csjo PIC #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

20     These dogs are bred for #AnimalExperimentation purpose > #BoycottMarshallPetProducts - #StopGreenHill4ever

21     Just look him in the eyes #BoycottMarshallPetProducts #MarshallFarm = #AnimalCruelty PIC - #StopGreenHill4ever

22     They will be subjected to cruel animal experiments #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

23     Beagles in a laboratory > #BoycottMarshallPetProducts #LabBeagles JOIN THE BOYCOTT!

24     Marshalls claim they don’t test on animals they “just” breed them for biomedical research #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

25     Forced inhalation of chemicals. This is #AnimalExperimentation #AnimalTesting << >> #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

26     Beagles are often used in toxicity tests: a slow torture until death WITHOUT ANESTHESIA #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

27     Do you recognize him? This is what remains of a dog after the test join the #BOYCOTT #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

28     OFFICIAL #BoycottMarshallPetProducts WEBSITE

29     EMAILS TO SEND + PETITION #BoycottMarshallPetProducts >

30     DONATE YOUR ACCOUNT FOR #BoycottMarshallPetProducts (IT’S FREE)

31     If you are on Care2 you can SEND an eCard for #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

32     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Let’s STOP #MarshallBioResources & ALSO #Harlan > - #CloseDownHarlan

33     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts NOT ONLY #GreenHill What about #Harlan? >

34     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts TIPS TO MAKE AN EFFECTIVE ACTION

35     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts USEFUL LINKS & SUGGESTIONS

36     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts #MarshallFarm #MarshallBioResources #MarshallPet >!petitions/cjg9 pic

37     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts #MarshallFarm #MarshallBioResources #MarshallPet >!get-active/c1yng pic

38     Facebook event SEND an eCard in support of #BoycottMarshallPetProducts >

39     I WILL #BOYCOTT @MarshallPet PRODUCTS UNTIL #MarshallFarm STOPS BREEDING & SELLING #ANIMALS #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

40     @MarshallPet @Linda_Cope everyone should know you are responsible of this #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

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45     #MarshallFarm = #AnimalCruelty #AnimalAbuse > #BOYCOTT #BoycottMarshallPetProducts pic

46     An entire life behind bars as an INNOCENT > #AnimalTesting #AnimalExperimentation

47     SIGN THE PETITION! #BoycottMarshallPetProducts #MarshallFarm #MarshallBioResources #MarshallPet >

48     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts FREE STUFF TO DOWNLOAD eg. fliers, posters, leaflets…

49     “#GreenHill: A Story of Freedom” — Excerpt From a New Documentary #BoycottMarshallPetProducts >

50     A video about #GreenHill (Italian) <#BoycottMarshallPetProducts> Read about GH (English)!green-hill/csjo

51     Meet the dogs from #GreenHill <#BoycottMarshallPetProducts> Support #StopVivisection >

52     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Marshall Farm Group LTD is the #11 of the 12 Worst CEOs for Animals in Laboratories

53     About B&K dog breeding facility owned by Marshall Farm + investigation at PLRS > #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

54     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts VIDEO: Ebbie ex-lab beagle saved by @BeagleFreedom >

55     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Dec 2012: Marshalls' trick discovered by PETA India pic 

56     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts DON'T BUY FROM MARSHALL FARMS!

57     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Dec 2001: Animals Rescued from Marshall Farm breeder subject of numerous USDA violations

58     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Jan 2000: Marshall Farm treatment of animals

59     PETITION Stop Buying Ferrets From Marshalls >> #BoycottMarshallPetProducts

60     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Marshall Farms & Huntingdon Life Sciences #HLS PART 1 (from The diary of Michelle Rokke)

61     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Marshall Farms & Huntingdon Life Sciences #HLS PART 2 (from The diary of Michelle Rokke)

62     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Marshall Farms & Huntingdon Life Sciences #HLS PART 3 from >>>

63     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Marshall Farms & Huntingdon Life Sciences #HLS PART 4

64     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Marshall Farms & Huntingdon Life Sciences #HLS PART 5 *VIDEO* SHAC

65     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts  Marshall Farms & Huntingdon Life Sciences #HLS PART 6 >>

66     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts @Huntingdon_Life #HLS is a client of #MarshallFarm MUST WATCH

67     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts Album: Marshall Farm & Huntingdon Life Sciences #HLS >>> @Huntingdon_Life

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70     #BoycottMarshallPetProducts GOOD NEWS! Ex Green Hill dogs WON'T be back to #GreenHill!