Sunday, January 13, 2013



Please sign the pledge to boycott Marshall Pet Products at the following link and then read the tips so we can make our action more effective and spread the boycott.


  • Never buy animals. Pets are living beings, not objects for sale. Invite everyone you know not to buy ferrets (or other animals), and promote adoption of animals in need.
  • Spread the boycott message against Marshall Pet. Distribute leaflets in all pet shops and veterinary clinics of your city (YOU CAN DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THIS ONE MORE FREE STUFF TO DOWNLOAD please view the Boycott Marshall Pet Campaign COLLECTION (if you can't download send a request by email to
  • Talk to all the people you know who have a ferret.
  • Invite your city shopkeepers not to sell Marshall Pet Products. Give them leaflets and documentation concerning this company.
  • Send an eCard INFO HERE 
  • Donate your account (it's FREE) LEARN MORE HERE 
  • New additional petition to SIGN 
  • Pledge on Causes HERE 
  • Contact Marshall Pet and say what you think of their work with vivisectors. 

  • Contact online retailers of Marshall products and ask them to break away from this company.
      A list of online retailers can be found here:

Also you find a store near you entering your Zip Code:

      Online forms, please copy the sample letter below and paste into the comment box of each retailers:

     Emails addresses of retailers
     BLOCK EMAILS:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Sample letter to send to Marshall products distributors:

       Subject: Marshall Pet

       Dear Sir/Madam,
       American firm Marshall Farms is the owner of notorious Green Hill, a “factory” of beagles destined to vivisection laboratories all over Europe.

        In recent years, the “Stop Green Hill” Coordination’s Campaign has raised awareness in millions of people, making them aware of the scourge of vivisection, in order to close this farm and stop this “silent” torture.

       Marshall Farm is a multinational company specialized in the breeding and sale of dogs and ferrets for vivisection laboratories. Marshall has the largest colony of laboratory beagles in the world, with farms in the United States, Europe and China. Animals born in their farms and in Green Hill are intended for experiments of any kind: forced inhalation of substances to death, paw breaking, burns, cosmetic testing, chemical testing, extraction of teeth to test new dental implants, surgery without anesthesia. All this until death, autopsy, and disposal of bodies in trash. This is the life of a laboratory animal.

       Since 1983, the Marshall family has decided to expand its market breeding ferrets as “pets”.  Hence, the Marshall Pet Products, which is the largest ferret breeder in the United States including ferret accessories.

        It is now time to boycott all those connected to this death company and to begin to inform people about the scourge of vivisection. It is important to understand that anyone who buys or sells Marshall products is an accomplice of this monstrosity. 

        As distributors/supporters of Marshall products I ask you to break away from this company: I also will arrange to spread the protest as much as possible so that the people be horrified by the vivisection business, a business that sends millions of innocent animals to massacre every year.

(Your name)


  1. STOP this insane action on animals

  2. The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality. ~Schopenhauer